Traffic Policy

Each premium access is limited by traffic. Traffic volume is calculated according to the days of premium access for each paid day for 7 GB of traffic (eg 30 days premium access is 210Gb traffic). Traffic can be used up before expiration date premium access, in this case, your premium access will be considered complete. Also at the end of premium access after expiry the remaining traffic consumed.

Since some file hosting services have a daily limit of consumed traffic, we also introduce the daily limits for a few file hosters.

If for any reason the daily limit has been exceeded (eg downloading large files than the balance limit), then the excess of the limit will be postponed to the next day. Updated daily limit occurs in 00:00 GMT +0.

Note: If you download a one file lots of small parts, the volume of the traffic increases from 5 to 20%, depending on the size of the file you are downloading.